Early Intervention Programme

This is a programme that we run for three full day or six half day sessions. This programme can be tailored for shorter or longer interventions to meet individual school needs.

It is aimed at Key Stage 3 student who require additional short term behaviour support intervention.

We can cater for up to 4 students per session and we deliver a behaviour support workshop.

This will include:

Session 1: Behaviour reflection
Session 2: Strategies to avoid confrontation
Session 3: Identifying trigger points
Session 4: Coping strategies in the classroom
Session 5: Friendships & Social Network
Session 6: Personal target setting

Learners will get an internal certificate of achievement on completion of this course.

At the end of this programme, Active Support can provide in-school classroom support for the students on the programme. We would come and support them in a lesson if required by schools.

Our relationship with Active Support has allowed a collaborative approach to meeting the needs of specific pupils who sometimes require additional support away from school for short periods of time.

Secondary School Teacher