At Active Support, we focus on inspiring young people to get back into mainstream education and training. We work with individuals and their families in the toughest of situations, helping to turn their lives around by providing the support, skills and knowledge that they need to move forward in life.

Inspiring educational achievement is at the heart of what we do. This is because we know that a lack of education leads to increased deprivation, unemployment, anti-social behaviour and social exclusion.

Our experience has shown us time and time again that a well-constructed education has the power to remove obstacles and break down barriers. We use early intervention and a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that young people gain life skills and qualifications that enable them to go back into mainstream education.

Our new expanded premises offer us immense opportunity to add value to the lives of the young people we work with. Our ability to innovate and offer a wider selection of personalised learning programmes in order to achieve results for those young people at risk of exclusion has increased significantly. I am proud to say that our organisation is able to deliver a wide range of educational services, including our own conflict mediation and parenting support programmes for schools, that put individual needs at the heart of service delivery.

Our experience puts us in a stronger position to engage with the most vulnerable learners who are at risk of exclusion through our personalised learning programmes. Our focus through such programmes is to close the attainment and achievement gap by meeting the needs of these learners.

Our experience has shown us time and time again that a well-constructed education can break down barriers.