The Referral & Induction Process

A referral is received from the school and/or the Local Authority with the interest of sending a pupil, which includes a request for a specific programme at Active Support. This could be a full time placement, a dual placement or a part time placement.

Initial Interview

If the pupil and parents agree to all the conditions, and are happy for the pupil to start on our programme, we then arrange a start date. On arrival each pupils is given a key worker which they will be allocated to for support, monitoring and evaluating during their time at Active Support.


This involves a member of staff from the school or LEA, the pupil and the parents/carers. We discuss the programme and the nature of the provision, what to expect from us, what we expect from the pupil, and sign a contract to outline the type of support that will be offered.


We carry out online literacy and numeracy assessments in order for us to ensure we offer the appropriate level of education. A lot of the time the school will usually provide this information, however we still carry out our own assessments.

Some of these will be based around tutor observations and how students interact with their peers and the staff. We ensure progress is tracked through BKSB assessments and our own online tracking register.

Timetable Allocation

All theory sessions are delivered in small groups usually 1:4 ratio, but students who require additional numeracy and literacy support are often taught 1:1.