This a new unit within Active Support to cater for young people who have been unable to thrive within mainstream school, due to their complex social and emotional needs.

We aim to provide a holistic therapeutic learning environment for young people with complex social and emotional needs to enable them to develop skills, qualifications and aspirations.

Our mission is to encourage our learners towards

a greater awareness of self, strengthening

connections within themselves and with others,

balancing mind and body. We aim to build

resilience and flexibility for improved well-being,

supporting sustainable change. Offering a creative

and experiential enquiry based learning programme

in a therapeutically minded environment.

This unit is ideal for learners who have:

  • social, emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • ASD or Aspergers
  • mental health issues, such as anxiety
  • suffered from trauma
  • complex presenting needs

We work with learners who may display the following behaviours:

  • vulnerable
  • withdrawn, depressed, isolated
  • difficulty socialising and working in groups
  • unable to manage strong emotions appropriately that leads to anti-social or challenging behavior
  • overwhelming anxiety

Core features

The core features enable each young person to become more connected with themselves, their family, their community and their learning by developing their strength, flexibility and resilience for a balanced and positive future.

Therapeutic community

A community that promotes a learning environment of acceptance, genuineness and empathic understanding. All students will have access to individual therapeutic input relevant to their needs

Project based learning

The curriculum uses the project based learning model. Experiential learning puts an emphasis on learning by doing and discovery. We will cover the key stage 3 and 4 curriculum where relevant, using a cross-curricular approach.

Mind/body practices

All students and staff will engage in regular mindfulness meditation and movement as part of the therapeutic input to develop sustainable physiological changes.


Each student has an individualised learning programme, a flexible approach is key to our work to enable us to meet every students