Active Support is an off site education provision operating from two centres in Luton. Active Support provides full and part-time short-term education provisions for Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils in Luton.

The aim of the provision is to provide a flexible response to the needs of schools and pupils by offering:

  • Provision for pupils excluded from school or at risk of exclusion.
  • Support for reintegration of pupils into mainstream schools.
  • Part-time placements supporting continued attendance at the pupils own school.
  • Short-term programmes for groups of pupils presenting emerging behavioural needs.
  • Provision for pupils where multi-agency support is a concern.

Active Support specialises in supporting pupils who have either been temporarily or permanently excluded from school, or are at risk of exclusion. Active Support focuses on helping pupils recognise their strengths and builds their confidence and self-esteem.

At Active Support every child matters! Our aim is to provide a personalised curriculum for each pupil to help the young person overcome difficulties and reach their full potential.

Our curriculum is relevant and based on developing a full range of important.