Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing is a priority in our School, we want everyone to feel supported, safe and happy. Over last 11 years we’ve supported over 1000 learners. Through offering over 60 different qualifications that help learners back into education. The belief that every young person has the ability to succeed in life is the driving force underpinning our engagement with those that come through our doors. We offer over 60 qualifications as part of our programme. Through the therapeutic inclusion unit we aim to provide a holistic therapeutic learning environment for young people with complex social and emotional needs. Our relationship with Active Support has allowed a collaborative approach to meeting the needs of specific pupils who sometimes require additional support away from school for short periods of time.

Active Support is an Independent Special School supporting learners aged between 9 years and 16 years of age. We offer full and part time places for young people struggling to cope in mainstream education due to complex, social, emotional and/or behavioural needs.

Our Vision

We believe small changes make a big difference in improving our learners lives mental health and general wellbeing. This is the foundation for the future.

Our Mission

To deliver high quality personalised learning programmes that inspire learners to re-engage in education and support their positive development in mental health and wellbeing.

Active Support Education Centre awarded Wellbeing Award for Schools. View the report here

Pathways We Offer...